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Heart of the Mercy Orphanage

Located just outside Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, Heart of Mercy is a non-denominational Christian humanitarian and development organization. 
We bring opportunity and hope to some of the most forgotten children in Africa. 
By the Mercy of God, we extend Mercy to those in our care.

The FACES OF the Heart Of Mercy Orphanage

Making a difference

"God bless you my friends who always supports the Children of Heart of Mercy. 
On behalf of the orphanage, I truly tell you from my heart that you have done wonders making these beautiful children to smile. Still, we are in need. God has given us 80 to 100 children to provide the care. 
We need $2800 to buy the food to eat for a month.
Our food is bought at the market in town and can be bought as soon as the money is sent for us.
Any amount helps. 
God blesses you as you bless these children."

In Service
Bishop Marabu.
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